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Arrangements for Pets

You can make arrangements for pets in a Will.

Many families enjoy pets as one of their members. Unlike other family members, pets are unable to care for themselves. It is therefore understandable why, for some pet owners, arrangements for their pets are one of their top concerns.

Fortunately, you can make arrangements for the care of your pets in a Will. While you cannot require a person care to care for your pets if you die, you can direct that your executor transfer your pet to a particular person. You can also make funds available to that person.

With a WillMate Will, you can make the following arrangements for your pet in your Will:

  • You can appoint a person to act as your "pet caretaker".
  • If the person accepts the role, you can leave the person a sum of money to assist with the care of the pet.

If you have a spouse, the appointment is only made if your spouse predeceases you. In addition, if your appointed pet caretaker does not agree to take your pet, your executor can select another friend or family member in their place. When you review your Will with your lawyer, these provisions can be modified to suit your needs.

It should be noted that more complicated arrangements can be made for pets. For instance, a sum of money can be set aside and held by your executors in trust for a pet and, thereafter, the remaining balance can be paid to other named beneficiaries.